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WU Pop n Hit Soft Toss Baseball Pitching Machine

Non-Electic, Light Weight, Compact, pop up, baseball, pitching machine

Great for Baseball Hitting Drill, Team Fielding Practice.  Weight Only 2 Lbs.  Affordable price.

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Set of Ball Feeder

set of ball feeder

One Set of Ball Feeder. Free Shipping within USA, except Hawaii and Alaska. No Returns except damage during shipping.

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Coach Izzac:

Great Hitting Drill and Fielding Practice Aid, espeically using regular baseballs. All of my players are able to hit the balls and love this batting tee, non-electric soft toss pitching machine.

Coach Ed:

The kids loved it and it worked well for them at this age 11U group. Good batting tee for youth

Parent A:

This is a back saver machine. When I practice fielding with my kid, no need to keep bending down to pick up the balls, I just place 10 regular baseballs in the auto feeder, then step on the level, the balls will pop up after 5 seconds. My kid is able to use this non-electric soft toss machine by himself, very easy to set up and operate. It also is very light weight and we can put this machine along with my kid's baseball gears into the same bag.

In baseball, the soft toss hitting drill allows a hitter to focus on their swing mechanics and get a lot of repetitions in a short amount of time. A soft toss pitching machine is a "must have " training aid to teach timing and hand-eye coordination.

Altogether soft toss pitching machines are one of the handiest pieces of training equipment you can invest in, because they allow you to practice your swing by yourself. It does help with hand-eye coordination in the offseason, in practice, and as a warm-up before games.

Baseball Batting Tee Replacement, more dynamic method to training younger baseball player.